North to Alaska - Plans

I plan to fly to Fairbanks Alaska and rent a car for a 10 day adventure.
I plan to travel north to the Arctic Circle, east into the Yukon for a train ride,
then travel south to Mount McKinley while camping outside all 10 days.
Most of the Arctic Circle is water, however seven countries have land access.
Within the Arctic Circle (also the Anarchic) is where twice a year you experience
a 24 hour daylight or 24 hour darkness depending on the time of year.
The Arctic Circle has the earth axis North Pole and the magnetic North Pole,
both over water (ice).  The only other North Pole (and on land)  is a small town
by that name in Alaska, recognized as where Santa and Mrs. Clause lives.
I also plan to visit Santa at his home and workshop.

I plan to take my ham mobile equipment and use it on the rental car while in Alaska and while camping.

I will use an Icon 7000 HF transceiver, an Icon antenna turner, and a home made antenna mag mount.

Using powerful magnets in two layers on a top of a thin sheet of padded steel to protect the car finish
and for providing an electrical radio frequency ground plane allowing operation on all ham bands.

The antenna is also able to operate from the rear of the vehicle in high winds.

Bottom side of the padded steel ground plane plate.

Optional, a  removable antenna coil so that a strung out long wire antenna can be used
for greater range when camping out of doors.

The mag mount coil antenna is easy to remove and to connect the long wire antenna for stationary operation.
The long wire will swing from the roof mount to some tree or other fixed object.

The home made magnetic antenna coil removed.