Visit The Computer History Museum
Mountain View, California
"Silicon Valley"

"Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing"
A maze of pathways requiring a Visitor's Map and you can still miss something trying to take in all the displays.
The museum has twenty sections with loops, turns, dead ends, and folks that lead back to the main entrance.
There is a separate section of exhibits with a 150 year old computer next to a Google self-driving car, both seemed to be out of place.
Throughout the day you have to leave the main museum area if you want to catch a demo in one of the Labs and backtrack to
continue your tour.  Each section of the museum covers a deferent technology and all technologies are covered in a logical order.   

Section one covers this first 1900 years of computers, called calculators.  The remaining sections or galleries take you
from punched cards to the internet and what might be in the future.   Perhaps the Google self-driving car could have been
located there.

Having two gallery signs next to each other along with the maze of walls and it is not hard to miss a section or part of a section.
Section seven covered Mainframe Computers and section eight covered Memory and Storage. 

Section nine was at the end of a divided area with an exit sign suggesting I had reached the end of the museum tour.
After watching a video presentation on software, it was time for me to catch my scheduled lab demo, so rather than exit the
museum I headed back to the main entrance, turning left to see the space satellite again and not reading the map on the wall, I did not
realize to the right, in a dark area was sections 10-20.  After completing the lab demo and reading the map on the inside of museum
brochure did I realize I almost missed half of the museum.   After all, the Google self-driving car was in the lab area.

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