My Sleep Study Home Page

My Sleep Study - by dates, compared to a professional one night study. 

3/1/2014   3/2/2014   3/3/2014   Austin -  3/4/2014

 More dates will be posted as time allows.
I plan to post several nights in a row, then random nights thereafter.
I may even post other people for comparison. 

I wear this device to bed.  In the morning, I download the data to my computer
and it takes about two hours to capture and post the results here.
It took me several days to figure out how to download the data.
Tech support for the device was no help.
I use 6 different software programs to get the data readable and to my website.
Nothing simple.  Nothing easy.  "They" don't want you to be able to do this.
Seek professional help.  

My Professional Study Report - below