Adventure Trip to Alaska and the Yukon Territory
A High Tech Camping Trip
Day 14 - Drive to Fairbanks from Denali National Park

It took one hour to drive the first 30 miles with only 71 now remaining.

Leaving 25F in DNP with 15F in Fairbanks

While most of the drive was straight road, this happened in a curve.

According to a local, this happened at 4:30 am when two tractor-trailer rigs
collided head on.  Drivers in the hospital, no witnesses, but by the time I came
along, one rig had been removed and the cab to this trailer was also hauled away
with only this duel trailer remaining for clear up.

Fairbanks is at low elevation.  I am coming off the mountain range now.

First stop for me just outside Fairbanks is for a shower.

Finish my drive now into town.

Traveling is winter does not come without risk.  Nighttime and road conditions
are difficult to manage.   The most I hope for is to continue to gain knowledge
and experience driving under less than idea conditions.  Working 40 years on
mostly the night shift, traveling on interstate has been beneficial.   Like most
wonderful places to tour, they are not always conveniently located.
I have driven now over 3000 miles in two weeks and napped and balanced
day/night driving to see sights only locals have access to over time.
While most tour packages to Alaska take tourist to the same locations
under much better conditions, I can truly say that I experience them.

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