Adventure Trip to Alaska and the Yukon Territory
A High Tech Camping Trip
Day 16  - Meeting Lance Mackey

A quick shower at the botton of the mountain before heaading up.

The kennel is only 8 miles off the main road.  The dogs today will run to the end of the turnoff at the top of a mountain
where the state weather station is located called Murphy Dome.  The dogs will run 35 miles today.

This is Lance's home and kennel.

While I was early for my adventure ride, Lance was already up, and getting his team of dogs to head out today
for a 10 hour run as he and dogs practice for the next upcoming 1000 mile race.   Two other teams will go out
today as they do everyday.  I will ride out on team three, the rookie dog team, of dogs ages 1-3.  These dogs
run slower and not as far.  We will only travel 35 miles today taking about 4-5 hours round trip.
Lance has at lease 100 dogs ongoing in his kennel.  This is his pet dog that lives inside his home with him.
This is the way Lance and the dogs go to the races.

While I was early for my dog run,  everyone was busy getting the dogs ready for the day.  They go out everyday, all three teams.

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