Adventure Trip to Alaska and the Yukon Territory
A High Tech Camping Trip
Day 3 -  From Haines Junction to Whitehorse, YT
"The Wilderness City"
(not the city but the roads to and from there!)

Approaching Haines Junction after a nights rest and a shower was in order.

Haines Junction

Leaving Haines Junction looking back where I spent the night.

Later in the day looking back to Haines Junction.  Just a spot in the road, 
but what a spot.

The Yukon River

Elk spotted as I headed out of town for the night to camp.

My camp sight today.   The sight is not much but the scenery there is noting like it.
Some like the beach.  The sun rise.  The ocean.
I enjoy the rocks, mountains, trees, the stars and moon at night, and the sun rise.

The moon rise.  No camera can view better than the human eye.
This is why you have to been there.
This is no easy trip.  Camping is a must.  Long hours a routine.
The journey to Whitehorse, that is, Haines Junction was the prize
overlooked and never mentioned.

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