Senior Idol Reflections & Vision
Personal Thoughts for the Meeting
By: Curtis Anderson

Stay Focused.  Adhere to your mission, always.
Remember who we are and why we exist.
Be visible, state your needs, give thanks and express praise.

Increase you volunteer base.  Consider and discuss using
student volunteers.   Young drivers needing driving experience
running earns for seniors.  (not transporting seniors)
Students recognized for their community service.

Consider replacing Senior Idol with Student Idol.
Using a blend of student talent and student community service,
compete for recognition in their school and community.

Consider publishing a Senior Idol Booklet including all five years
winners, participations, pictures , personal biographies, experiences, etc.
Include community volunteer involvement goals and achievements.
Solicit for local business paid ads, sponsors, and monetary supporters.
Booklet could be sold to help support and raise awareness.

Consider as we exhaust repeating area senior idol talent, switch to student idol
talent for 1-5 years, then return with a senior idol program, or consider
blending senior idol and student idol competition.

NOTE:  A student is anyone or any age, enrolled and/or taking class(es)
full or part-time, sometime during the year.