2015 Northwest Winter Adventure
Sleeping Bag System
Nov. 15, 2014 - First chance to test out this
sleeping bag system in light clothing tonight.


My first choice is to sleep on a picnic table, but if not, I can handle the ground as an alternative.

Using a tarp as a separator to protect my sleeping bag from the table or ground is first put in place.

I use a large tarp for good reason as you will notice as we go along.  It also provides some shelter
under the table if things get really bad during the night and for storing other items underside if necessary.

The bag selected if not for backpack camping.  This bag is large, heavy, synthetic yet inexpressive.
I will be using two bags.  The first bag will remain zipped and become a two layer pad to sleep on.
The second bag will be fully unzipped and used as a blanket that wraps and hangs down from the table.
Down does not work well as a bottom layer as down will compress and become a poor insulator.

This style of bag uses a cotton shell inside and out for comfort.  I have used nylon shells before but
find it to be cold to the touch and slippery on the tarp and I have even slipped off the table, not good.

This lower bag will remain zipped and closed, just opened slightly for demonstration here.

The second and top bag will be fully unzipped, opened out flat and will completely cover the lower bag
and hang over the table on both sides.   The reason(s) I use a two bag system is so I can get in
and out without zipping and unzipping a single bag; I can easily turn over, sleep from side to side
and face up or down; I can remain fully dressed with boots and I can get up and move around
with ease during the night and return without loosing body heat putting on and removing cloths
and boots.   Winter nights are long, very long.

Next goes the top tarp for protection from rain, snow, ice, or frost.

I use tent stakes or steel angle bars to secure the top tarp.  I can add other heavy items also.
Often I just use bungee cords passing under the table under very windy conditions. 
This system should be good down to 20F wearing just light clothing.
Wearing an arctic thermal coat, hat, gloves, and paints with arctic boots with this two bag system
should handle  any extreme condition.