2015 Northwest Winter Adventure
Arctic Boots

Replacing my Wolverine leather boots for a pair of 
Klim GTX Gore Tex insolated Arctic Boots
These boots look like they were made for Herman Monster.

Size 14 outside fits nicely my size 10 foot with all the boot insulation
and any socks I may use.   The large footprint also will help walking in DEEP snow.

I removed the boot laces because of their length and the time it would take to
lace and unlace them.  At 10 feet long, each,  I plan to only wear these boots
when sleeping outdoors fully dressed, not using a sleeping bag, but sleeping in my
clothes like my  Canadian Goose coat and Canadian Goose paints with only a 
pad under me and a tarp over me for snow cover.
Forgoing a sleeping bag allows me more freedom turning over, sleeping
from side to side,  and moving around at night without getting in and out
a sleeping bag, a real challenge in cold temperatures and during the long winter nights.
Think of it....wearing boots inside a sleeping bag...snow on them...wet....
or coming out a bag and have to put boots on in the dark before moving around
and removing them again before entering back into the bag.
Now  I can get up and I am ready to move around.  When done, just slip back under
the tarp with no adjustment necessary.
There is a thing or two I have learned in previous winter camping trips.