2015 Northwest Winter Adventure
Sleeping Pajamas
Nov. 18, 2014 - First chance to test out the
sleeping pajamas including slippers (arctic boots).
Temperatures expected to be in the teens tonight.

Using a single sleeping bag and a tarp that will fold back over the top while the bag will remain
unzipped for easy entry and exit.

I will wear my normal light weight clothes and slip on this size 48 inch waist Canadian Goose Thunda
paints over my regular jeans, the paints which I call my PJ bottoms.

The PJ bottoms have a zipper down both outside legs, from pocket to cuff, for easy on/off.

The arctic boots, size 14 with wool socks, I call my slippers,
will keep my feet warm, dry, and allow me to walk anywhere
anytime during the night with ease.

My PJ top will be a Canadian Goose parker with hood, but I will also wear
a Canadian Goose fur hat under the hood.
The parker is 36 inches long from neck to waist to cover over my PJ bottoms.

The fur hat close up.

The parker is plenty wide and will cover any normal cloths I might have on,
just as the paints will go over any normal jeans I also have on.
The idea is to have normal clothes on at bedtime, slip my PJ's on over my
clothes, change from hiking boots to arctic boots for warmth and hit the sack (table).
The tarp and sleeping bag is for protection and serves little in the way of warmth.
I will be able to get up and move around during the night and return to the sack
without loosing much heat.  At least that is the idea anyway.