Totty-Anderson Old Photos - Before and After 1942
Ethel Anderson's Collection

Ethel Totty - Before 1942

More Before 1942

After 1942 Ethel Totty Anderson with husband Curtis Sr. and their first child Laura

Virgie Totty with  her son John A. Totty ( Called James) with wife Pauline Goddard Totty and two of their four children pictured on the left.
The right picture is John A. Totty (James Totty)  and his wife Pauline and another family member.
Pauline Goddard Totty -  The Goddard Family

Ethel on the left,  brother John (James) and mother Virgie with Ethel on the right photo.

Both John (James) and Pauline are buried in Williamsburg, but not together.

Ethel and husband Curtis Sr. with two of the four children of brother James.

Ethel and Curtis Sr. & Family/Friends - 1960's