Technology Fifty Years Ago

A request was submitted to the Virginia Telephone Museum
July 25, 2017 for help with a display to celebrate a local
elementary school fifty year anniversary in the fall of 2017.
The poster above was designed and an item list was composed
to compare technology common fifty years ago with today.
All of the items now reside in a modern day smart phone.

Planning Stage  - Display

 Banner Suggestion

The Virginia Telephone Museum has equipment dating back
into the 1800's, but only equipment in service in 1967
will be on display.  Most of these items are not museum
items but personal and private owned items donated for
the display.  Once the project is used, it will become
a permanent display at the museum.

A similar display for 100 Years may be assembled later.

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Table Ready - Poster and Banner in the mail.

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After Thought - Add On Table

Prepaid - Then and Now

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Testing a communications circuit 50 years ago (above), and today (below).

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