Montana & Wyoming Road Trip
Planned Adventure in February 2021
A Time for "Reflecting"


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Photo taken on a previous trip.

Fly to/from Richmond, VA and Billings, MT
Rent a vehicle  -  est. 1500-2500 touring miles

Tour Southern Montana First

Read About Bill Groethe
Historical Photographer

Leave Montana and Circle Through Wyoming
If Weather and Road Conditions Allows


Land in Billings, MT - 1 Hour to Little Bighorn
Spend the day and night.
Loop Around to Cody, WY - Two Route Choices

Detailed Cody Loop Maps - First Route Choice

Second Route Choice

Next - off to Grand Teton

Loop MAP from Cody to Grand Teton National Park

Detailed Loop MAP from Cody to Grand Teton National Park

Return to Bozeman, MT by way of Jackson, WY

Bozeman to Billings, MT to fly back to Richmond, VA

Alternate Options, Depends of Road and Weather

2016 Adventure Trip to Northern Montana


Plains Indian  -  Browning, Montana


Blackfeet Nation  -  Blackfoot Reservations

Video-mp4 Format

Video-wmv Format

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Why return to Montana again?  Was there in 2016.
Here is why, my 2020 trip to the Dakotas
I learned about Bill Groethe.

2020 Adventure Trip to Rapid City, South Dakota
I learned about Historical Photographer Bill Groethe while on tour
in SD.  I knew right then, I need to go to Little Bighorn National Park, MT.

Read About Bill Groethe
Historical Photographer


Read About John Sitting Bull


Some Faces


Considering a Camping Road Trip
Oklahoma and Connecticut 
April 2021


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Yellowstone County Museum
Billings, MT



Little Big Horn Battlefield
Getting There



Little Big Horn



Little Big Horn
Indian Memorial



Little Big Horn
Custer Battlefield Trading Post



Crossing Big Horn
Mountain Range




Cody Wyoming
Buffalo Bill  (William  F. Cody)
Center of the West




Cody to Jackson Wyoming
Wind River




Cody to Jackson Wyoming
Military Vehicle Museum
Dubois, Wyoming




Jackson (Hole) Wyoming




Typical Overnight Accommodations
(Various Scenic Overlook Sites)
Off-Road Camping




The Grand Teton
Mountain Range



Jackson Hole to (West) Yellowstone
Teton Pass



(West) Yellowstone to Bozeman
Big Sky, Montana
(Back to Billings)



Initial Plans




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