Montana & Wyoming Road Trip
Cody to Grand Teton and
Jackson (Hole) Montana
By Way of the Wind River

Wind River was named by local Native Indians
Proof -  This rig had just blown across the highway.

Once through the canon, the ground flattens and
the dry desert wind from the south keeps the
northern cold as bay.

Hard to believe the Yellowstone snow and cold
is just north of here.  The work of
Wind River

Stopped in Dubois to check out the Military Museum
 before making Jackson by dark.
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Yellowstone County Museum
Billings, MT



Little Big Horn Battlefield
Getting There



Little Big Horn



Little Big Horn
Indian Memorial



Little Big Horn
Custer Battlefield Trading Post



Crossing Big Horn
Mountain Range




Cody Wyoming
Buffalo Bill  (William  F. Cody)
Center of the West




Cody to Jackson Wyoming
Wind River




Cody to Jackson Wyoming
Military Vehicle Museum
Dubois, Wyoming




Jackson (Hole) Wyoming




Typical Overnight Accommodations
(Various Scenic Overlook Sites)
Off-Road Camping




The Grand Teton
Mountain Range



Jackson Hole to (West) Yellowstone
Teton Pass



(West) Yellowstone to Bozeman
Big Sky, Montana
(Back to Billings)



Initial Plans




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