Palm Springs California
May 2021
Solar System

Array Layout and DC/AC Disconnects Shown
with Utility Company Service Feed

19 Solar Panels

Plus 2 More Solar Panels on Roof Top
AC/DC Disconnects mounted on Side Wall

Plus 2 More Solar Panels
For a Total of 23 Panels Solar System

Solar System Roof Feed - Side Wall DC/AC Disconnects

Left knob - Panel DC Disconnect and Inverter Disconnect
Right Lever - Solar System Disconnect to AC Distribution System

Left - Utility Meter
Mid-Box - AC House Distribution Breakers
Right Gray Box - AC Solar System Feed Disconnect

AC Solar System Feed Disconnect


Please Note: This Solar System has no Battery Storage System
Any Daylight Solar Power Excess is Back Feed to the
Utility Grid and is Meter Credited for later use after Daylight


Solar System & House
Distribution Circuit Breakers