Home Grown Ground Hog

Video of the ground hog in the yard as Nibbles goes outside.

I set a trap using for bate, a sliver of radish near the front of the trap and then again just inside the trap.

I placed two move slivers of radish on the trip flap of the trap and most of the bate just after the trip flap.

In less than one hour watching the trap from the window, I saw him eat the bate at the trap entrance,
then step inside the trap and eat the second sliver of bate, and move to the trip flap of the trap
and when he stepped on the trip, the trap door quickly slammed down and then he started to
look for a way out the cage.

Nibbles and the ground hog got to see each other up close and neither was impressed with each other.

He had long pointed claws and long large pointed teeth like a rat.
After dark he was transported to the county near wooded area with a creek.
He was slow to move out the cage as he was unsure of his new location,
but as he exited the trap, he took off into the dark of night toward the woods.