Adventure Trip to Northwest Canada 2014
Hope B.C.  Jan. 2, 2014  -  Layover Due to Forecast
I stayed down on lower ground all day today as snow and fog
was in the forecast where I was headed.  Tomorrow will be partly cloudy.
Spent the day checking out the river and back roads.
I am really at the front door to my trip.  Chains are required even if not used
once I leave Hope.  I have been traveling east on flat ground from Vancouver but now
turn NORTH for the rest of my journey as the elevation increases, and exits get
fewer and towns get much smaller.  Oh Yes, the temperatures have been in the 35F-45F
since leaving Santa Rosa but that will change now that I head North tomorrow.

Gas prices are higher here too, like the mountains.
This is the price per liter....1.056 quarts.   $4.50 a gal. by my calculations.

Food prices are also higher than the mountains back home.

Light rain adds up when it keeps falling all night and all day.

Taking time to get off the main road and see what the locals see.

Headed to McD's  to update my website, dinner, and back to my truck stop for the night.
Looking for lower temperatures tomorrow even if the food and gas does not drop.