Return Adventure Trip from Western Canada

Side trip to the North Cascades National Park for the day.

Headed to Newhalem and beyond until I can't go any further.
One way in, one way out.   This is one long dead end road.

The road started out crowded but thinned out as I continued.
Most were headed to small towns and alone the way as many
weekend events were scheduled, I later found out.

One popular event was nature watching.  I stopped at this one and was glad I did.

I found this local with the right gear and he shared his interest and knowledge with me.

No one around including the scout, I call him, believed I could take
this picture using his spotting scope, but here it is.

My 300mm lens on a Nikon could not even compare with his scope.

Continuing driving through the Cascades, much more to see.

I had a clear day, temperatures around 35F, I drove until I had to turn round at the road closing.

Night was coming on, fog setting in, and temperatures expected to drop just below freezing.

Looking behind me, I knew it was nearing time to leave.

I had climbed quit high and was running out of road and daylight.

Before I hit the road closing, the road had turned to a sheet of ice.  It was time to leave.

Ice ahead and just behind me clean road.   Turning around was my only option.
 I had not sleep in a bed since Sunday night and now it is Saturday night.
It would be mid morning before the fog would lift.
I decided to get a room tonight for the day and night drive back to Santa Rosa.