Adventure Trip to Western Canada  2014
I just had to check out the roads at night in the higher elevation.
Roads are cleared even if they have to close them, interstate included.
If the road is open, you should be able to drive on it.

McDonald's lobby closed at midnight and reopens at four a.m.   Mountain crossing
was just 40 miles miles away.  Worth the trip up and back to check things out.

Ran into snow no time at all, just after leaving McDonald's.

I really did not want to put my chains on in the cold falling snow
just to turn around and go back the other direction and remove them.
The RCMP suggested I did not need chains, only trucks at this time.
" You will come out of this in 30 minutes. The road is treated and scraped."
I asked if I could turn around and come back up later.  Request granted.

After turning around, I took a few pictures and headed back to McD's
for an early breakfast.