Adventure Trip to Western Canada
My last hope of going further north. 

I have not seen the sun shine since I crossed the border into Canada.
Rain in the lower elevations and snow and road closings in the higher elevations.
Difficult to get road conditions without driving them and reading the overhead banners.

I have been here three days in Hope B.C.  I have traveled in all directions both day and night.
Without cell phone data coverage for my tablet or phone, I run the risk of going on
and or not getting back in my time allowed.   So I have abandoned all hope.

With no hope now, I head back down to Hope to fill up and return to Santa Rosa.

The thing that concerns me is to cross going up and then can't cross to come back.
I would only travel a distance that I could get back if necessary in my allotted time.

Leaving Canada before dark.  The rain stopped just on the US side.