9-11 Walk Around
Verizon, NYPD and FDNY


On the night of October 25, 2001, Verizon employee Curtis Anderson set out
to walk around the NYC WTC with a video camera to capture Ground Zero
from "ground zero".  NYC officials had just announced that the WTC site
 parameter had been cleared of debris and the public had access within
one block to witness the devastation first hand.   Leaving Richmond Virginia
in his personal vehicle at 9:00 p.m. Curtis arrived at Ground Zero by 4:00 a.m.
After parking near the site, he took off on foot and circled the now smaller
sectioned off area in darkness with a video camcorder,  recording the sights,
sounds and movements while narrating. The loop-around walk took two hours,
and was repeated again a second time during the daylight hours.
The debris would continue to burn another six weeks.  (100 days total)
  " I recall the smell much like an electrical smell, like a burnt electrical motor."
This video has been edited at key points along the route and the runtime is 37 minutes.
The video is in  Blu-Ray format, the sound is excellent, however
the video quality is what you would expect in 2001 from a recorded
VCR tape and includes sudden camera movement, and some focusing
issues due to poor lighting and/or close obstacles at times.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy, contact Curtis by  EMAIL.   VIEW VIDEO HERE


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NYPD - on duty at WTC site 4a.m. watch

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FDNY - Station near WTC site

Then on 9-11-2008....click here

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( Updated Oct. 1, 2008 )
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( Updated Oct. 1, 2008 )

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October 26, 2001

( Updated Oct. 1, 2008 )
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( Updated Oct. 1, 2008 )

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Left:  Two mile, two hour walk from the parking area around the WTC area and back.
Right: Five mile walk from the parking area to Time Square and back.
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