Amsoil Oil Filter System

Synthetic Oil

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Compare the standard oil filter by FRAM on the right
and the much larger Ansoil oil filter on the left.

Notes: Oil Used - Pennzoil 10w 30w 100% Full Synthetic Oil
18,000 miles driven a year, 9000 miles each 6 month.
Oil is added between intervals as needed because of the long periods between oil changes. ( if a engine uses 1/2 Qt. every 3000 miles and the oil is changed every 3000 miles, then no oil needs to be added.  However, in 18,000 miles, 3 quarts will need to be added in one year.)  

In 1992 an Amsoil Dual Oil Filter System was installed on a 1980 Chevy Luv with 160,000 miles, a well maintained vehicle, as a personal experiment.  Changing out the white filter at 6 months and both the white and black filter at 12 months, draining out all oil, the system keep the oil very clean for many thousands of miles before getting dirty.  Once the vehicle had 225,000 miles, I was satisfied that the system could keep the oil clean for long durations and the oil and filter system could extend oil and filter changes intervals without harm to a engine.

The filter system was removed and installed on a new 1997 F-150 with only 10,000 miles on it.  Six years later, 130,000 miles later, replacing  the white filter at 6 months and both the white filter and black filter at 12 months and replace the oil, the filter system is still in use.

Conclusions and Learned Experiences:  Pennzoil 5w 40w is too light an oil requiring adding much more oil between intervals than normal.  The filter system requires adding 3 addition quarts to fill the large filters and long hoses.  The oil is cooled by coming outside the engine and passing through the dual filter system before returning.  The additional  3 quarts of oil and the cooling process will extend oil changes in itself.  It is too early and too low a mileage to draw any conclusion about reducing engine wear or extending engine life. There is no cost saving using this system.  The only main benefit is going one year between oil changes.  I like that benefit very much.  The 6 month filter change and adding back new oil is a simple matter.  

The Dual Oil Filter System
This system was recently removed off a vehicle that was traded in,
and the unit was reused on a new vehicle.

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This white filter had 9000 miles and the black filter had
over 18,000 miles when the were cut open for inspection.

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