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Hello, I'm Buddy Lee.

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zz2-DSC01795.JPG (124366 bytes)  Franklin-Southampton 26th Annual County Fair   Aug.2006

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Curtis Anderson
I am currently involved in putting together a portable video and audio recording studio to assist
 upcoming talented singers and musicians with producing their own musical CD or video DVD.  Their work
 will be hosted on one of several of my web servers and can be Podcast if desired, all at no cost to the
person or group involved.
In exchange, I request the right to use their work in producing non-profit religious and child related DVD's, including
Webcast, Podcast,  and other means of general distribution.   This distribution will further expose the musical
talent of the person or group involved.
All types of music are under consideration.   For more information, contact 'ca'. Mention the subject FREE CAST.