General Health Record
Curtis E. Anderson, Jr.
DOB:  1948

Asthma at birth.  Small frame, poor appetite growing up.
High School graduation,  125 pounds, 5 foot 7 inches.
Extreme active walker, biking, and hiking.
No sports or exercise otherwise.

Career:  Active Repair Technician 30 years.
             Bench Repair Technician  10 years.
Almost all my career, working graveyard night shift.
Normal Average Working Weight 175 pounds
Retired at 200 pounds from bench night work.
Current Weight:  210 Pounds, @ 2015
Rx: Prevacid 30mg.,  Crestor 20 mg.
Blood Pressure 120 until 2012,  140 current, 160 peaks

Retired in Dec. 2009.
Three Months:  10 mile bike rides 1-2 week.
                        10 mile walks up/down mountain roads 1-2 week.
2009-2011:        10 mile biking,  5 mile walks, hills only. 

2012:  Shortness of breath, less energy, less active. 1-2 miles
Blood Work: Anemic, possible blood loss.  took Vitamin D, Iron.

2013 Upper GI and lower GI, Chest X-ray, CT Scan - See Report
         Heart treadmill Ultrasound and EKG
Repaired large stomach area, hernia.

2015  Shortness of breath, poor energy level, continues.
          15 min. mall walk, not biking or hiking.

Oxygen, Sleep Apnea, Yet still able to drive 20 hours.