2005 Toyota Prius
Gasoline-Electric Hybrid
City  60 mpg      Highway 51 mpg     Combination  55 mpg


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2004 Selling for more than a 2005-same options, color, same dealer. High resell value!
Salesman reports some dealers mark up the Prius thousands over sticker because of demand.
Yes, a 6-8 month waiting list.  So how could I walk on a lot and pick up one?
Dealer had called all eight on his "waiting list". All were busy with last minute Christmas shopping and turned down this opportunity.
 Some dealers have a $2000.00 deposit requirement to get on their waiting list.
 This dealer requires no deposit, and does not mark up over MSRP on local customers.
However, no rebates, cash-back, discounts, nothing but sticker price.

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