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Curtis Anderson - Project Director

zz2-DSC01795.JPG (124366 bytes) Franklin-Southampton 26th Annual County Fair     Aug.2006
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Super8mm film home movies  NOW online for viewing!
1972-1974 @ 31min.   1974-1975 @ 27min.
1975-1978 @ 31min.   1978-1985 @ 31min.

DSC00917.JPG (90089 bytes)     Grandkids, Trains, and the Easter Bunny  12:38

2singer--PS0021.jpg (65406 bytes)     Mount Pleasant Baptist Church - Day Care 2005-2006     56:15


Video Clip  "Friends and Trains" 
Video using Train Singer's Music for friends back home in Va.

Video Clip  "Full Recording"
 Full Video recording without any editing.

Video Clip  "Introduction-Bunny- Singing"
Grandkids meet Train Singer and the Train Bunny

Video Clip  "Woo-Woo Singing on the Train"
Train Singer Blowing His Whistle, later singing on the Train.

Video Clip  "Singing on the Train"
Train Singer Singing on the Train

Video Clip   "Introduction with bubbles"
Grandkids meet Train Singer

Video Clip   "Woo-Woo"
Train Singer Blowing His Whistle

Permission Granted
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MPBC Day Care DVD Video - 56 min.
 Available to the parents of the children enrolled in the MPBC Day Care.
Parents desiring a CD of the music used on the DVD are
encouraged to visit the web site of the "Trainsinger".


Drums-wma  Drums-mp3