North to Alaska   -  2014 Adventure

Day 1-2  Mount McKinley and Glacier Landing

My GPS Tracker -  right side black line from the blue diamond is leaving the airport to
the landing sight which is the break in the black line.
Left side black line is leaving the landing sight and returning to the airport.
The gap in the black line is where the GPS was not able to pick up a signal as we were
surrounded by blocking mountain peaks.
Traveled by air was153 miles and the total air time flying was 1 hour and 29 mins.
Our total landed time was 27 mins.

Richard the pilot, pictured here wearing my hat.

Just behind the plane, the large mountain peak, to the right slope are two hikers.  Look closely.

Two the white snow sunlight, on the right side of the mountain.

See them now?

Closer.  More ZOOOOOOM.

They look tired.

It took one full day (24 hours) to get to Fairbanks, counting  my shower, last minute packing, travel to BWI,
getting through security (always a problem for me as I carry items of concern, lots of them),
two connect layovers, weather storms in the mid-west, one hour supplies shopping once landing,
and a one hour drive to my first overnight campsite.  Good thing it did not get dark here until 11:00 pm.

 Short Video of Flight  - for windows devices

Short Video of Flight - for apple devices

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