North to Alaska -  Headed East to the Yukon

Leaving Fairbanks at 4:00 pm after my first shower, I drove 300 miles to reach to border
of Canada on the east side, call the Yukon.  I arrived at 10:00 pm before dark.
The road changed from hard surface to wash board ruff in the worse way.
I could only travel a few mph and decided that 21 miles of this would take
hours and with 400 more miles to Skagway, plus the same way back, so I did not want
to ride the Yukon train that bad.  So I turned around to check out all the scenery I went past
in a hurry to get to this waste land.

I begin heading back toward town a few miles (Fairbanks 300 miles) when I pulled over
and spent the night in the car and took this picture at 5:00 am before making my way back.

The town of TOK was in my sights for rearranging my plans from here.

My accommodations did not seem so bad when you consider how the locals live.

Still deciding what to do next.

Some more bad accommodations, the locals here. At least they get mail.

I found the perfect place to rest, regroup, and plan out the day and night ahead.

A rest room, a place to strength out, beautiful scenery and some road style food put me
in a better mood.

Just 20 miles down the road was the town of TOK, AK.  I will spent the day here and
update my trip since this town has internet access.  I will also checkout the area
and return to my rest stop for the night.  Saturday is up for grabs, see pictures below.

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