North to Alaska -  2014 Adventure

Leaving TOK, Alaska and headed toward
Wrangell-St. Elias - America's Largest National Park

Disappointed that the road conditions at the boarder into the Yukon, wasting a day of making other plans
but gaining a day not going to the Yukon, I wanted so much to see the snow cap mountains along Rt. 2 East
called the Alaskan Highway, I decided to get to the other side of the Alaskan Highway somehow.  Making a left
turn off Rt. 2 onto Rt. 1 from the small town of TOK( there are only about 8 highways in Alaska so they are
easy to keep up with), I headed to the largest National Park in America no one every heard of including me.

More bad road.

60 miles of driving before reaching the turn-off to the Park, a 40 mile dirt road, but behind the mountains.

I would have spent the night here, but it way not night.  Leaving the park, more driving and the scenery
 got better the further I drove.

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