North to Alaska -  2014 Homepage

Summit Lake - What a place. A lake on top of the world
still frozen and just beautiful.  The skiers are gone but their
tracks are still on the lake.  As things start to melt, small
streams appear as the water begins to flow again.  It was
40F today here May 3, 2014.   I forgot all about the train ride.
The images are not in order.  I drove around the lake.  The
lake turns into small streams that become a river as you leave
the area.  The river picks up mud and is not beautiful at all.
Most people live down on low flat ground where the mud rules.

This image was so beautiful I videoed it as I was leaving the Summit Lake area.  No one was here but me.   Everyone was
driving the Alaskan Highway off at a distance of 100 miles or more.  This is like another planet.

Video for Microsoft devices  - 4 mins. long

Video for Apple devices  - 4 mins. long

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