North to Alaska -  2014
Crossing the Yukon River to the Arctic Circle
A two hundred mile road journey, one way, across ruff terrain
crossing the Yukon River to reach the Arctic Circle.

I tracked the trip back.  The elevation was at the van/coach service terminal.
I choose as most do, to ride the bus as rental vehicles are prohibited.

The van/bus leaves the airport terminal in Fairbanks at 6:30 am on RT. 2.
75 miles later the van turns off Rt.2 onto a dirt road called Dalton Hwy. or just Rt. 11.

The discarded tire suggest the road condition ahead the next 125 miles.

1/2 the way there.

A local vendor on the banks of the Yukon River shares some stories and some recent pictures of the river.


Her picture taken of the river a few days ago before it ice broke up and begin to flow down river.

Back on the road.  60 more miles to go.

Someone left the out house door open during the last storm.

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