North to Alaska -  My Accommodations

Tuesday Night 10:00 pm and still light.  I was up and back on the road at 3:00 am local time.

Wednesday Night - I returned to the same campsite at 5:30 pm and got 10 hours of sleep.
While this was the same campsite, this section was more in the sun and all the snow
had melted here.  I never saw snow on the ground again except at the higher elevations.

Thursday Night after aborting my all night drive to Swagway AK through the Yukon
at 10:00 pm because of server road conditions, I drove back toward Fairbanks
for one hour and sleep in the car a few hours until daylight 4:00am.

Friday Morning I just had to catch up on more rest so I found this photo perfect rest stop
and after a few hours decided I will comb the area today and return tonight for more
photos during sunset, which happens to be 10:00-11:00 pm.  Not only does the sun set later,
it sets slower!  Much slower.  So Friday Night accommodations was just like this.
Saturday night I rested in the car all night.

My first week's accommodations were in National and State Parks, or just off
the road I was driving at the time I needed to rest.
My next week's accommodations were all in one perfect place.  See Below.

I found this wonderful place after many disappointments.  It will be the
PERFECT PLACE for the rest of my adventure trip.  This was a RV campsite.

I had internet access, electricity, running hot water showers and laundry near my campsite.

Five nights, some in light rain, temp.  ranged 26F-35F at night, ie. 11pm-5am.  Days were in the 50'sF.

The view from my campsite, ie. table.

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